How add background (skin) on appdaemon

Dashboard docs write " HADashboard fully supports skinning and ships with a number of skins. To access a specific skin, append the parameter skin=skin name to the dashboard URL" . In my file appdaemon.yaml, I have : dash_url:
how to add the skin ?

in the url you use in your browser to access your dashboard.

for example if you have a dashboard called “main” and you access that with in your browser then you can use this to use skins: or
or any of the other default skins or you can create your own default skin (see the docs)

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All right ! thank .

I was delighted too quickly; the background-image is not posted.
In the file dashboard.css:

body {
background-color: #000;
background-image: url(/custom_css/dark1/img/gradient-background-edited.png);

Which could be the problem ?

filerights is in that case mostly the problem. (so first check that)

or cashe from your browser or the device that you run AD on.
restarting AD, restarting the device, clearing cashe from the browser could do the trick.

Any directions on what the permissions/owner should be?

in all cases the user that starts appdaemon should have full control (read, write, execute) over all directories, subdirectories and files inside the config dir from appdaemon.

Thanks for the quick reply Rene. Turns out I had to restart the AppDaemon addon… not just restart HassOS.