How best to merge these 2 flows?

I have a lamp in the lounge with a smart switch attached. I have the following flows setup in nodered. one allows me to turn it on with my voice and alexa. The other is on a timer to come on at 7:00 in evening for some mood lighting. The problem is the timer flow seems to rule. If the timer is set to an off time and i then ask alexa to turn the light on, the lights comes on but then 10 secs later gets turned of by the timer rule as its not time for the light to be on. So i’m wondering what would be the best way to merge them together to they can co-exist with each other. Ideally the solution needs to be fairly simple. I haven’t got into coding functions etc yet.

use flow variable storing an information about reason of turning on. It can be boolean set to true if action was caused by Alexa.

Then put this variable into second flow.

I’m just guessing here because you haven’t shared the full details of your flow.

But have you left the “repeat output” option in big timer checked? You should be able to uncheck that and configure the big timer to only send a message on state change and then the flows will work as you desire.

It was ticked. I have unticked that and will see if that helps. Also you said about on state change but there is no option for that in big timer. Am i being daft here?