How can a new Python learner contribute to the 'core' code?


Low level contributions, maybe boring and repetitive work but is necessary and time consuming for a real developer (edited post to put this first).

I’m learning Python on Codecademy (so not a developer yet) and have completed their basic Python course as well as Intermediate, now I’m working on Advanced. Also I’ve completed about 6 others in the direction of Data Analysis that involve Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc. my Codecademy page

After reading over the Home Assistant website, Github page (specifically ‘Contributing to Home Assistant’ and the FAQ pages) I got the impression I needed to ask on this Developer forum. Maybe there are some types of informal mentoring opportunities?


If you want to contribute feel free to open your first PR even if you have doubts, it will be reviewed and some nice guys will tell you what you should fix before having your code merged.

Just be sure to test your code, that your code is solving an issue (or bring something useful) and check if it’s well formatted.

If you struggle with unit test we can help.
We all make mistakes and that why all PR is reviewed, by being involved in the community it’s how you may be ”informally mentored"