How can I access netatmo weather station outdoor module air quality?

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I recently started my home assistant project and added (among other devices) my netatmo weather station, which worked just fine. However I just came to realize, that not all of the parameters that I can access from the netatmo app are also visible in home assistant. For example, in homeassistant I only get temperature and humidity, but in the netatmo app I can also see air quality, atmospheric pressure and perceived temperature.

I would really like to include these values in my dashboard, so I started looking and stumbled across the netatmo API which would allow me to extract all the data. But I am not exactly a computer scientist, so I do not know what to do to make an API call from within home assistant and how to make the values available as entities for my dashboard. Is it even possible? Or is there an easier way to access these values?

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I’m running Home Assistant version 2023.12.1 on a RPi 4

As far as I know the Netatmo outdoor modules do not measure air quality. The app gets forecast data from a normal weather service (same as the WeatherPro app). The same probably goes for outdoor air quality. So the data comes from another source, not from the servers the Netatmo integration connects to. You need a different integration for that.