How can i access with SSH /mnt/data/docker to backup my containers in HASS OS

How can i do this?
I can SSH into homeassistant but there is no /mnt/data/docker
There is mnt folder but empty.
I have portainer installed, but no way to backup an container.

What i want is ssh into docker and backup my container.
Because the container is gone (from the repo) and i need it for my other system.
I need the data.

Also one of my containers data is located in
I don’t know how i can mount or access that folder.

I installed Homeassistant OS virtualbox.

I found it out, just used filebrowser plugin in portainer and mounted that directory so i could download everything i need.

I have the same problem. How did you do that? I have installed the addon in HA but how did you mount that directory?

thank you!

I just mounted that folder
like this:


and i could access it

just like this:

and here an example:

the reason i needed that was because i run a mysterium node on this docker and i wanted to put that node on another server, but i could not backup everything i needed