How can I add Supervisor to the basic HA front end?

I need to add Supervisor to Home Assistant’s basic front end, so I can get to the Add-on Store in order to get the MQTT add-on. How can I do this? This seems really basic, but I can’t figure this out.

you can’t.

if you didn’t install a supervised version of HA (either HA OS or HA Supervised) you can’t add it later.

How do you have HA installed now? HA Core or HA Container?

either way it’s not too hard to install MQTT on your current system. Either thru pip for a Core install or via Docker for a Container install. So you don’t really need the Supervisor for MQTT.

Thanks for your advice.

I installed it from I am running it in native Win10 (not in a virtual box), an installation instructed here: Home Assistant Portable on Windows 10 (Easy) | Install HA Without Any Virtualization | 2021 Guide - YouTube.

Is there a way I can uninstall HomeAssistant so that I can reinstall it with the Supervisor feature added?

Unfortunately you have installed HA in a VERY non-standard way and I have no experience with that install method.

I have no idea if that install method gives you a supervised option but I seriously doubt it could since by definition HA Supervised is installed in a Docker environment.

So you only have a couple of options available - uninstall everything you have now and install HA Supervised in a VM (or equivalent) or if all you need is an MQTT broker you can install it on your windows machine directly (some instructions here but I’ve never used them so I can’t say anything good or bad).

TBH, you may likely start running into other issues later on by continuing to run HA in Windows as you do now so the sooner you switch to an official install method the better off you will be.

Finity, thanks for your help.

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