How can I call the service "workday.check_date"?

I would like to find out if tomorrow is a workday or not from my AppDaemon app, so I installed the workday binary sensor to HA and I can now do:

is_today_workday = True if self.get_state("binary_sensor.workday_sensor") == "on" else False

I also want to know if tomorrow is a workday and on the workday binary sensor page there is a section about a service that seems to be able to check an arbitrary date.

The problem is that I can’t figure out how to call this service, if I call self.list_services() it says nothing about any workday service…

Do I have to create the service myself somehow?

I’ve still not solved how to call this service… :thinking:

But for now, I have created some additional entities, binary_sensor.workday_tomorrow_sensor and binary_sensor.workday_day_after_tomorrow_sensor with “Days offset” set to 1 and 2 respectively. :upside_down_face:

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Unfortunately at this time, AD doesn’t know how to handle response data from HA based service calls but the feature should be added relatively soon.

Thanks for letting me know!
Great to hear that this is something that will be available in the future.