How can I change the login logo?

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Is there any way to change the logo on the logon screen from the homeassistant logo? I mainly would like to do this because my home assistant system is setup is public facing. I have secured it with ssl, a password and a different port number but the logo gives away what it is you are trying to log into. It would be good to change this or remove it completely so its not as obvious to make it harder to hack


And how can I put the message in Spanish?

Don’t know bout the logo, but el idioma lo cambias en tu perfil. Donde esta la letra inicial mayúscula de el usuario

You’re doing it for the wrong reasons. What you’re referring to is called Security through Obscurity and it’s very frowned upon.

I get where you’re coming from, though. But it’s useless anyway. Any competent hacker that tries to hack your login page can simply inspect the source code in the browser and figure out right away what software is running.

Here’s an example:

Now if you want it for other reasons as well, such as rebranding it… then that’s another story. I don’t know if the license allows it.