How can I create a snapshot of my chromecast state and resume

I’m trying to figure out how to create a snapshot of the state of what is playing on my chromecast. I would like it to resume after a TTS msg.

I tested with variables if previously the app was TuneIn it changes to Default Media Receiver.

Any input on how to do this is welcome.

Try creating a scene, then play your tts, then activate the scene.

Thanks! With scene it works.

The only remark I have is with the hub chromecast, it doesn’t start the tunein but the Default Media Receiver. So If anyone have an idea on how to get that solved.

On the hub the Default Media Receiver is only a black screen.

Edit: Tested it with Spotify, scene is reapplied correctly but no music.

Here the same. If it would work it would be a great alternative to the expensive Sonos Speakers. Very sad. Thats not smart. I play a Spotify song or url radio than a tts announces and I can start by zero