How can I create a statistics sensor?

Hi everybody,
I would like to smooth the voltage signal of my shelly UNI (output of a pressure transmitter). I think the statitics platform can provide the right tool (value_min). But the sensor “shelly_smooth” I defined in my configuration.yaml does not appear. What I’m doing/thinking wrong?

  - platform: statistics
    name: "shelly_smooth"
    entity_id: sensor.shellyuni_xyzxyz_adc
    state_characteristic: value_min
      minutes: 5

Solved it!
The problem was: In my configuration.yaml were four or five lines starting with the sensor-integration ‘sensor:’ followed by different ‘platform’-configurations. This is wrong as I learned from a post by @tom_I from Nov. '21. Altough the wrong configuration was marked by a red exclamation mark within the file editor (upper right corner) it did not affect the restart and the function of my home assistant installation so far.
But after I fixed this, the statistics-sensor showed up! Thank you, @tom_I!

Would you mind sharing your final code?

Meanwhile I am using the HACS integration “Average Sensor” by @Limych, find here: Limych (Andrey "Limych" Khrolenok) · GitHub

Same here, it’s simpler to use, but unfortunately, it seems to use fetures that will be deprecated soon (according to HA logs). Hope Average sensor will be updated soon, because it’s much easier and user friendly.