How can i customize this dialog

How can i customize this dialog , so that i can add my own buttons, or text input. For example i want to add text field where i insert number or text.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

In short: you can’t! This is the “more-info” dialogue, that comes as a standard with every entity.

What you can do, is making your own pop-up with browser_mod and there you’re able to setup your own infos.

Is it possible (with browser_mod) for instance, when i click on icon or buton that represents certain TV, a pop-up appeas and i can have a text field where i input a number, and a butoon, so that TV changes to that butoon?

To start, also take a look at Helpers to create a input text or input number entity.

Sure it is! :slight_smile: You can put anything you want in a pop-up (browser_mod).

But I’d suggest, as a new user, take a look around, and see if there isn’t something that already fits your needs, eg. a TV remote card:

As a general rule, nearly everything is possible with HA, it just depends on the way how to get there, and how much effort that way takes. :slight_smile: