How can I detect that keys are left in the garage door

We are very often leaving our keys in our side garage door overnight.

I was wondering if there was a tile or fob that could be attached to them and then I could use the Bluetooth strength to alert when the keys are not in the home? Or some other method or hack.

Has anyone done this already? Obviously this needs to work with HA.

I have Nut Minis attached to my and my wife’s keys and detect their presence with Pi Zero W’s and connect it through HA with room-assistant for room level presence detection. For your use case on Pi would probably be enough.
Another thing that you could (which I’m going to do myself as soon as the sensors arrive) do is using a Xiaomi door sensor, modify it slightly and attach a magnet to the keys inspired by this

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2 ways I know

Computer vision. Have a camera pointed at the door lock, train to detect keys/notkeys.

Tile. You take your phone in but leave the keys, it warns you, and you can have a BTLE detector in the garage to specifically detect the presence of keys for an extended period of time.

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I’ve been trying to follow your post on getting this working. Pi zero is all setup. Think I’ve got the wrong key fob (tile) as it doesn’t seem to beacon out and advertise itself (unless I’m not waiting long enough). Monitor and room-assistant both see other devices in the home but just not these. So have ordered the same Nut minis for testing as we know these work which arrive tomorrow for testing.

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Ok, so some success. I’ve got the Pi Zero in the garage now and when the keys arrive with the Nut mini attached I now get a notify alert sent to my phone using an MQTT-in node in Node-Red saying “Keys are in the garage door”. All good there.

What I couldn’t work out is how to use “monitor -tad” and how to set/send the arrive/depart MQTT messages part.

Essentially what I want to do is to stop the “going to bed” or “good night” scenes from activating and have a message sent saying keys are in the garage door. We remove the keys, hit “going to bed” scene in the native HA app, and it should activate.

What are you using now, monitor or room-assistant?

Have both on the Pi so trying to use either but as there’s one Pi I thought monitor may do?

Ok so I’ve finally got this working perfectly now using room-assistant. I went back over the config and didn’t have it quite configured correctly.

I did have an issue though using the Bluetooth Classic Mode integration. It wouldn’t see anything and just showed this error:

As soon as I changed the local.yml to use the BLE integration instead, it all sprung in to life. I’ve got a little tweaking to do to enable the MQTT device tracker platform but I’m happy enough I’ve ordered 2 more Pi Zero W’s this evening so I’ll have 3 in total.

Next to do is to use this to enhance my presence detection.

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 19.52.52

Huge thanks to the great posts from @Burningstone :+1: You’ve even got me interested in using Ansible for the full deployment :grin:

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Glad that you gotit to work, maybe you have already seen my repo. I wrote a guide how I setup room level presence detection with room assistant here.

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I have indeed. I spent a long time switching between that and Thanks again :+1:

Reviving an old thread but how is this still going for you? I’m looking to do something similar for our front door and was leaning towards a bluetooth tag and room-assistant running nearby.