How can I disable the Lovelace component?

Hello, Is there a was to disable the lovelace component?

Other components such as mqtt and recorder you can simple just comment out or remove the relevent line in the configuration.yaml and the component is disabled, how can I do the same thing lovelace component?


why are you trying to do this? Did you turn it on and now wish to un-do it? If so, go to the hamburger menu in the upper left that looks like this:


then go to “i” in the circle in the developer tools section at the bottom:


there you will see a message between >> and << to set the old front end as the default.

But just so you know - the whole thing is moving to Lovelace by default soon…

If your goal is what mine was a while ago, of trying out some lovelace cards on your standard display, it doesn’t work that way. With lovelace you are either all in or all out.

Now, if you’ve already got a frontend designed the way you like it, there are add-ons that will do a conversion for you to lovelace and are actually quite good at it. They actually keep your design pretty intact and just convert to the new display codes.

why are you trying to do this?

I’m trying to speed things up a little by turning off things that I’m not using in the configuration.yaml file - I’m using the old Polymer UI on all my devices.

If disabling Lovelace isn’t possible or causes issues then I’ll leave it on.

But just so you know - the whole thing is moving to Lovelace by default soon…

Thanks for letting me know - does that mean the old Polymer UI will stop working all together? Or that I just need go to “i” in the circle and click ‘set the old front end as the default’ in future installs?

I’d like to stick to the old UI for now as found Lovelace doesn’t work that well for me on some Tablet devices, I know it is still considered ‘experimental’ right now so issues are to be expected. :slight_smile:

FYI. I’m pretty sure lovelace is going to be the default in the next release or two.

Lovelace isn’t something you turn on or off or include or not include. It’s just there and it uses the ui-lovelace.yaml file for its config.

if you don’t want to use Lovelace then just don’t set it as the default in the frontend.

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Coorect, in 0.84 lovelace is the default.

Hi, are there any docs or quick summary of how to use the old UI by default post-84.x?

I’m still trying to port over my UI, and wish to manage the transition.

In .86 you can go to
dev-info page
on there there is a button

bear in mind you need to do this on every device and in future this functionality could be removed

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Nice, thanks.

That works great. :+1: