How can I discover a MQTT sensor and use JSON to push multiple attributes and use them in an automation?

I’ve been trying to follow the MQTT Discovery instructions where it says

Setting up a sensor with multiple measurement values requires multiple consecutive configuration topic submissions.

I’d like to get this working with mosquitto_pub first. Assuming I want to use this exact example for sensorBedroom (temperature and humidity) do I first need to publish both configuration topics? How would I publish a common state payload?

And how can I use this json payload in an automation? For example, let’s say I want my trigger to fire when the temperature T and Humidity H is such that: (T >= 70) and (T <=80) and (H >45%) and (H <=50%)

In order to create a discoverable multi value sensor, do I have to create the following topics:

Configuration topic no1: homeassistant/sensor/sensorBedroomT/config
Configuration topic no2: homeassistant/sensor/sensorBedroomH/config

And to trigger a MQTT reading send this payload?

Common state payload: { "temperature": 23.20, "humidity": 43.70 }