How can I figure out which smart fan switch I need?

I got a westinghouse ceiling fan (no light) with this switch

It only has 2 wires. A blue and a brown (Live and Neutral)

I bought a Tuya fan switch - and installed it. It got current, I could pair it but it doesn’t make the ventilator move. Basically, it’s not the good switch for that ventilator.

My problem is I have no clue on how to find out which switch I need. Would anybody have tips for me?


In case someone had this question - I was never able to figure out why or what device I needed to order (nobody answered me) so… found a workaround.
I purchased a Sonoff Dual Switch (I have 2 fans…)
and left the analog switch “on”. The Sonoff switch simply cuts/give power so it turns on and off…

And if anybody interested - I did a fan group with all that and activated with the Sun Azimuth (sun hitting my window) and above a specific temperature (17.9oC) so when the sun hits, my outside curtains will close, and my fans will start…

#in groups.yaml
name: Fans
- switch.sonoff_1000ba5a2b_1
- switch.sonoff_1000ba5a2b_2

#in automation.yaml

  • id: ‘1587116354517’
    alias: Sleeping Room Cover with Sun
    • above: ‘213’
      entity_id: sensor.sun_azimuth
      platform: numeric_state
    • above: ‘17.9’
      condition: numeric_state
      entity_id: sensor.dark_sky_daily_high_temperature_0d
    • data: {}
      entity_id: cover.sleeping_room_curtains
      service: cover.close_cover
    • data: {}
      service: switch.turn_on
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