How can I find the entity of Z-Wave device from its Node ID (using Z-Wave JS)

It’s the time of year when I try to figure out where I hid/repurposed Z-wave devices that I used last year for XMAS…

Say I have the Z-Wave device in my hand, what’s the best way to figure out the correct HA entity for it?

As a start, I opened Z-Wave JS’s logs and turned the device on and off. That gave me the node ID. Easy. But armed with that, I couldn’t figure out where I could see the node IDs of my existing devices.

Places I’ve tried:

  • Device List filtered by integration
  • Entities List filtered by integration
  • States panel of developer’s tools (seems like I remember the older Zwave integration including node ID as an attribute)

configuration → integrations → zwave → devices → device → zwave info

Thanks. Unfortunately, that solution requires opening a lot of device info windows. I have 50+ devices. But it’s a good place to start! If I’ve got the entities named well, I should only have to open a few entities while searching. Thanks.

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