How can I find the external IP of home assistant? [Solved]

I have a home assistant VM in proxmox, how can I find the external IP of my network?

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This only gets the IP of a DNS entry, I need the external IP of my network (it is not a part of any domain)

What do you mean by “external IP from the network”? Especially “network” makes me wonder…

In Proxmox you have, depending on your config, one IP address for the Proxmox host, and one for each VM or container. That’s it.

All of these you can find in the summary tap for each VM/container. They might not show up there, because the “Guest Agent” needs to be configured and running. :slight_smile:

“External” means external to your local network, which is what that integration will provide if you don’t supply a hostname. i.e. your router’s public ip address.

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If you want the local ip of the VM, one way to do it in Proxmox is to click on the VM, then go to the Console (towards the top, right under Summary) and wait for the console to show up.
You will see the welcome screen of HA as well as the IPv4 (IP address) (it may have /24 at the end, ignore that). Not sure if this is what you’re looking for.

If you want your Public IP - just go to google and type “what is my ip”

I mean my WAN IP address (aka Public IP address)
I want to make an automation that activates when the WAN IP changes

That is exactly what the integration I linked to will do. Just don’t specify a hostname. As it explains in the instructions.

I have two network providers, a main and a fallback, this integration tells me which one is connected as they have different ip ranges.

I see, thank you!

Not sure this integration is working anymore. If a hostname isn’t specified and is kept as the default “” there is an invalid hostname error

Still working here.

I am having the same issue

I am also having the same issue. Did you figure out a workaround?