How can I get a DIY RF device to work with a tasmotized Sonoff RF Bridge

Does anybody know if/how I can get this (or any) device to be picked up by a tasmotized Sonoff RF Bridge?

If you monitor the console in your Sonoff RF Bridge then turn on your “thingy” you should be able to see any RF codes it is transmitting. Once you have the codes then you can configure sensors in HA to read these.


I’ve tried the example, changed the frequency to 433.92MHz and put the device right next to the bridge. No joy whatsoever though :confused:

Have you flashed the RF chip with Portiche firmware?
If not it won’t pick up many devices

I posted a project with how to do this a few days ok. Just skip where I switch over to esp home of you want to use with tasmota

No I haven’t. I was trying to avoid that as I’m trying to build a little project with the idea that others can replicate it easily.

Because of that i’m trying to avoid changes to the bridge like that. I was researching though and have bought a CC1011 RF transceiver as it looks like it’s been built with that and a few other chips in mind.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Theres no physical change, just a firmware file ota.

Oh, I thought you had to scratch away at some connections on the bridge to get Portiche on it :thinking:

Not necessary at all.
From what I could tell someone made the rash decision to do that and everyone else blindly follows.
It’s so easy to do it the way I’ve shown too.
I can’t see any valid reason for scratching or soldering anything on the bridge

Even easier for you as you’ve already got tasmota on it. You’ve just got to put two temporary bridge wires in place and load the firmware. The only caveat is that you can’t power it with usb during the upload, which is why people scratch the tracks away. But you can just power it from the flash tool. (The RF switch needs to off during upload too)
I did both with Dupont wires held in place by friction.