How can I get my Lutron HWQS "Motors" and Keypads/button presses into Home Assistant?

Hey. This had been driving me crazy for months:

I’m trying to figure this out. I have my lutron programers file, I somehow miraculously was able to get the lights/locks into the HA, yet I can’t get the light switches/button presses nor can I get any of my shade (which are motors in the system) and same goes for my skylights. The “motors” show up in my HA as dimmer lights, no I cannot change the type to shades or motors, no option and the dimming or turning on off does nothing.

As for the keypads, I honestly have no clue, no sign of them in my HA.
I really want to figure out how to get the button presses/ keypads into my home assistant that way I can integrate 3rd party such as Tuya smart life devices with my lutron system. My other idea is to create virtual lights/loads if that’s possible.

Thank you!