How can I hide quick settings tiles?

The HA quick settings tiles are crowding out the quick settings editing interface on my Android phone (Moto G 5G Plus), and making it impossible to drag the tiles below them to the editing area. How can I hide the HA tiles?

You cant, apps are allowed to add as many tiles as they want. We only have 12, there are other apps that can add a lot more. It is still possible to drag the tiles up, just bad android UX on doing so.

It’s actually impossible to drag the tiles below it up to the top. The screen stops scrolling about halfway up the list (due to what I guess is an Android bug). So effectively I can never use any of the tiles in the lower part of the list :0(

I htink i saw that too and simply dragging down a lil and up again wokred for me, or something like that…it was not impossible to drag beyond them without a lil finese lol.

I’ve been playing around with dragging down, then up, then to the top left, etc, but I can’t find anything that will work. Hopefully it will be resolved in a future o/s update.