How can i install older versions?

I’m trying to install home assitant core to my raspi 3b+ that has raspbian OS. So I installed the python 3.9 but my pip python version is still looks like 3.7.3. So install command doesnt work.

pip3 install homeassistant

there is no document on the subject. So How can i just install older version of home assitant that works with 3.7.3? Or how can I run this command without problem?

Hi there, Install of pip install, is there any problem trying to install a supervised version in a docker? If you are interested please check out this guide.

The syntax to pip install older versions is

pip3 install homeassistant==0.103.1

but I would strongly advise against doing this since you would not be able to use all the new features and you would not be able to get help in the forum, and the instructions in the documentation would not work for your version. If you want to avoid problems with python versions, either go with the supervised install as per the above post, or a go for a HA Core docker install on your current OS. Either way, the python version will not be a problem since the docker container always has the required python version, which is one of the purposes and advantages of using docker.