How can I make a Text Display with Raspberry Pi

Hello all!

I would like to create a text display with Home Assistant with my Raspberry Pi, which then stands in front of the door. For example, I want to display “We are in the garden” on my mini display.
I want to control it with the Home Assistant App.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you!

I am not sure what kind of display you are referring to but if you would like to use MAX7219 matrix displays, this can be done very easily with a esp8266 connected to it running esphome.
check this out.

If you are looking for Oled display, there too you can use esp8266 with esphome. Check this out.

Both these can be controlled either by mqtt or api of esphome. If you need more help with them do ask.

I use a Raspberry Pi with a mini Raspberry Pi mini lcd display, but how I can install a text monitor and add it to Home Assistant?

In my opinion, the max7219 module is best suited for this purpose than the raspberry pi with mini display because 1) the size of display is big 2) less cost 3) stable

But if you insist on raspberry pi, I dont know any ready made methods but you could explore the following.

  1. You will have to make a custom script in raspberry pi which will be triggered with mqtt message and this payload can be sent to lcd display. I have seen both these working separately, but you need to combine them yourself. In this wat you can communicate between HA and Raspbian through mqtt.

  2. You can use nodered which has function node that can be used to sent text directly to lcd display. You should be able to get the relevant details from their forum.