How can I modify an ha-device-config node on a subflow?

I’m building a subflow that creates some entities and controls some lights. The idea is that each iteration of the subflow has its own entities under a different “device.” The config node “ha-device-config” is the one that assigns the device name to the entities in the subflow. Currently the config node gives the same device name to all the subflow iterations.

My question is, how can I modify this “ha-device-config” so it can change the device name per subflow iteration?

Thanks @Mikefila for your answer, but that was the answer for another question I posted before. That was related to the “ha-entity-config.” In this case, it’s for the “ha-device-config,” and it’s not really the same issue as the other one.

My issue now is that, for example, I can use the “update config” node to modify the “ha-entity-config” nodes, but I can’t find a way to modify the “ha-device-config” nodes.