How can I “Namespace” Sense energy component entities?

i have the Sense energy component and it creates sensors for all the devices it discovers which increase over time due to the products very nature. The problem for m is that there is no namespace other then the device name itself… so when sense detects my dryer is crests the sensor.dryer. The disposal turns into sensor.disposal, and a random light can become sensor.light

i’d like to namespace them somehow, so ideally these would become

  • sensor.sense_dryer
  • sensor. sense_disposal
  • sensor. sense_light
  • ect

i tried using the entity_namespace attribute but that didn’t seem to work for it under the sense: config… i also tried under customizations but that didn’t have an effect either…

any suggestions ?

You’re saying this fails to work?

  email: CLIENT_ID
  password: CLIENT_SECRET
  entity_namespace: sense

Maybe the Sense integration doesn’t support entity_namespace?

@123 - Yes, I tried that and I get the following

Failed config
    - Invalid config for [sense]: [entity_namespace] is an invalid option for [sense]. Check: sense->sense->entity_namespace. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at
    - alexa: ?

So how can I submit a PR to make it support this ? Why would an integration choose to not support this ?

Just to clarify the available options:

  • If you plan to enhance the Sense integration (i.e. modify its source code) and request to have those changes merged into the repository, then you’ll do that via a Pull Request (Github).

  • If you think this is a bug (the code supports entity_namespace but is failing to do it properly), then you’ll report it as an Issue (Github).

  • If the Sense integrations lacks support for entity_namespace then you’ll want to submit a Feature Request (community forum).

i want to submit a PR , but it’s not clear to me what enables one integration to support this and another to not support it…

i was hoping might be able to point me in the right direction on that

@123 did my last update response provide any clarity on what I’m after?

Yes but I don’t know the answer to your question.