How can I reduce the delay between grouped lights?

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I have a light fixture that contains five Philips Hue bulbs, and in HA I’ve grouped them:

- platform: group
  name: Living Room Light
    - light.living_room_lamp_1
    - light.living_room_lamp_2
    - light.living_room_lamp_3
    - light.living_room_lamp_4
    - light.living_room_lamp_5

When I turn on Living Room Light, there’s a small (300-500 ms) but jarring delay between when the individual bulbs turn on. When I use the Hue or Google Home apps there’s no perceptible delay; the bulbs are perfectly in sync. When I use Homekit via the Apple Home app there’s a tiny (100ms) delay; almost imperceptible.

Why is HA’s delay so much greater, and can anything be done to reduce it?

Some extra info: my HA instance is running on a VM (3G RAM, 2 vCPU) hosted by a Mac Mini using the standard disk image. Core + Supervisor CPU usage is around 3% and RAM 8%.

Hue is zigbee right?
Tried binding them?

I’m using the standard Hue integration. What do you mean by binding them?

Why are you not using Light Groups?

Not sure if it would make a difference, but it’s worth testing out.

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I was under the impression that I am using Light Groups?

This is what I based my config above on. Is there an alternate implementation?

Apologies, my mistake.

I group lights through the GUI ZHA interface. And I experience no delay if I address a group, rather than multiple individual lights.

Are you on the latest version of HA?

Hue integration now supports PUSH which removes the delay.

Previously the only way I worked around it was to remove the light from the Hue bridge and pair it with my ZHA via a deconz USB

Also, you can enable Group support on the Hue integration in hA via UI which means if you’ve created a group in Hue, you will see it in HA

Yep, I just started using HA yesterday, so I’m on the latest stable version: core-2021.6.6.

I visited Configuration > Integrations > Hue > Configure and checked “Allow Hue Groups”. The groups that I had created in the Hue app immediately appeared, and when using these from HA the delay is gone!

Thank you very much!