How can I remove the Map panel from the frontend?

Can someone please advise me how I can remove the Map Panel from the frontend. I don’t use it at all and would like to remove it. Just wondered what I should use. I’ve read that you can add panels similar to this so I’m assuming I can also hide them?

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Thanks for any help.

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You need to remove the map: line. If you don’t have a map: line in your config, then you must have default_config: which is including the map panel. Be aware that removing default_config: will remove a lot other components besides the Map.


Is there any other way to remove the map or is there a way to identify what is removed by removing default_config in order to put things that I don’t want to lose back in? Thanks.

Always check documentation.


ah…yep, I’ll take that one on the chin…you got me there!

Still, it’s clumsy that to remove “map:” you must add to configuration.yaml everything from “default_config:” (except map: of course).

I would suggest that “map:” should be removed from “default_config:” and add it by default to configuration.yaml (so that the mobile app should work out of the box). This was everything should work as before and would be easier to remove map if not needed.

Second choice would be an editor for “default_config:”… ?

The same goes for “media_source:” - I thing many users does not need it.


yes, see here . Now this only works while logged in.

I would suggest that the map pannel should be configurable from the panels configuration thus it could be activated only for admins or it could be removed at all. I don’t know if someone is currently working on this.


If you would like to remove it for users and not admins: Admin only access for Logbook and History menus - #43 by Fmstrat