How can I rollback to HomeAssistant 0.87?

I’m having issues logging into 0.88 of some devices, and 0.87 was OK.

What’s the recommended way to rollback using HassIO?


I think there are multiple methods, but here are two examples:

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Thanks this method seems easier however, the command name is different for me:

hassio > hassio ha update --version=0.87.1
Error: unknown command "hassio" for "hassio-cli"

Did you mean this?

Run 'hassio-cli --help' for usage.
FATA[0000] Error while executing rootCmd: unknown command "hassio" for "hassio-cli"

Did you mean this?

However justrunning ha update --version=0.87.1 from SSH seems to be working, thanks very much :slight_smile:

Not sure as I didn’t end up using that method. If anyone else knows, the clarification is appreciated.

maybe I was using a different SSh addon or something - ha update --version=0.87.1 worked for me and I can now login again on my older devices, it looks like 0.88 was the issue after all.

It depends which SSH you go with.
If you use the one that drops to the hassio> prompt then yes, you just run it as ha update --version=0.xx.x
If you go to the root prompt, then you use the additional hassio prefix.

Hi, I’m logging into to port 22222 as detailed here: