How can I see all integrations for one integration (lots of Shellys)

I now have nearly 30 Shellys on my network. First off (this is not the main issue) Home assistant has imported them strangely, It’s not using the device name for the integration for 90% of them, e.g:

Obviously I can go through and rename all the integrations, but because the integration box is so small it’s almost impossible, I have a massively long scrolling list and my arms getting sore going up and down to try and find the specific one I want - I don’t really know what the specific one is because it doesn’t list anything I know, either the name or the IP address on that list:

So the question is: Is there a way I can maximise that integration section that I can see all the integrations, rename and delete as I need to?


Configuration → devices, filter on Shelly

If you click on one of the Shellys it will open the integration page for that device and list the entities for it. If you click on the pencil at the top next to the name and edit it to what you want, it will ask you if you want to rename all the entities based in that edit

Thanks. That’s true, but the name of the integration is not the same as the name of the device. So to change the name of the device makes no difference to the integration name. e.g this one:
when you click through is this:
and the device is this:
So that pencil doesn’t actually rename the integration - have to do that from the previous pic but you can’t tell from the previous pic what device it is

Secondly, the list is so long and there is a tiny tiny space you need to scroll it in, so it’s really hard to find what you’re looking for, especially when the names bear no resemblance to anything understandable.

Thanks, that’s devices, not the integration. I can’t delete or rename the integration from there.

Ah ok so you want to rename the integrations, not the devices or entities ?
The only way I know is to click each on in it in the list and then 3 dots and Rename.
I agree, the space is small with multiple grouped integrations, I find it tricky to select one of my 80+ ESPHOME integrations and the scroll misses some.
Would be good to be able to click on ESPHOME (or Shelly) if there are multiple and it opens a page with all the grouped integrations.
Weirdly, on my phone, the whole list is expanded

Yes, exactly, want to remove the integration (as well as the devices and entities).

I think the solution is in your comment about the phone. If you make the window skinny then it is formatted in a much more accessible session - you get to see each of the items under any integration.

And for anyone else reading I have figured out why I was getting the wrong display name from the Shelly when it’s automatically discovered by home assistant. HA picks up the display name at the time that it is discovering the integration, so if you change it after you need to restart home assistant to get the latest name picked up.