How can I set callback function for the cancel event of a script?

When a script is cancelled, is there a way I can set some action for it?

I’m unaware of a service call to cancel a running script so under what circumstances are your scripts being cancelled?

Manually, and I need to sort things properly when I decided to cancel the script (for example, I started a timer in the script, and need to cancel the timer).

Currently I am using an automation (triggered by script state change) to do the work, but I don’t know what to put int the [from] domain and the [to] domain, it will be triggered whether I turn on or turn off the script if I left them empty. I have tried [Turned on/ Turned off] [turned on/ turned off] [on/ off] [On/ Off] and none of them work…

It appears I may have misunderstood your request.

When you run a script, its state value changes from off to on. When the script finishes executing its actions, its state value changes from on to off.

If you want to detect when a script has finished executing, you can use a State Trigger to detect the transition from on to off.

alias: example
  - platform: state
    entity_id: script.your_script
    from: 'on'
    to: 'off'
condition: []
  #... your actions go here ...

Oh it works, thank you. I have been mislead by the visualizer editor to input the attribute domain as ‘current’… Didn’t know this can be ignored.

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You’re welcome!

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