How can I set color temperature on my hue bulbs?

I have many normal Hue Whites in my home only capable of 2700k. I have some automations that turns lights on but a couple of my lights are colored and I’d like them to match the whites for these automations regardless of what color they were last.

Anyone know how? I know you can set rgb and what not but I haven’t a clue what equates to 2700k. Though I’m sure someone does eh?

    - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.whatever
        color_temp: TEMPHERE

color_temp is measured in mireds (not kelvin). So I think you want (not sure about the math) ~370 (1000000/2700)

He’s right - 370. This can come in handy for you in figuring Kelvin to Mired shifts:

Hey thanks man!

The default hue white is 366.