How can I show 'home' timezone in UI when I'm in other timezone?

When I access HASS remotely (eg when on holiday and in different timezine) and open for instance and entity (click on eg a light) the time shown (on/off) is the timezone of where I’m currently present and not the local timezone where my house is. I guess this is rendered by the browser.

However, would love to see when eg that light (or any other activity happened) was changed locally (based on timezone of my house) and not the timezone I’m in.

Does anyone know how?


I also want this feature. Currently I have to use SQLite to produce a report so I can review what is happening in a HA instance in another timezone. And that is unnecessarily fiddly when daylight saving kicks in one location or the other.
We just need a tickbox option somewhere to make lovelace report in machine’s localtime or browser’s localtime.

I also have the same issue as HA is located at parents house and I live in a different time zone so it’s always been very confusing

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I’m currently 6 hours behind my home timezone and this is really annoying.

I created a feature request:

Please vote if you feel this would be useful.


Following this topic, I would also prefer to set server time zone and not following my mobiles timezone.

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Also following because this really annoying when travelling.

Any news or solution?


It should not be complicated to implement it in HA?