How can i up the poll frequency of a power reading outlet

Hello everyone.
I have power measuring outlets but they only report every 5 min a value.
The web interfave of those is instant updating.
They run on tasmota via mqtt
Itwould not need to be instant, but every 5 min is little seldom

Go to the Tasmota Web interface for your device > Configuration > Configure Logging > set Telemetry Period to something lower than 300s (5 minutes) > Save.

Don’t set it lower than 10. Accepted values are between 10 - 3600 according to the docs.

Oh boy, that simple? Great…Very appreciated…i already looked in the mqtt explorer and such…

Yep, docs make it sound more complicated than it really is, though to be fair, pasting something like TelePeriod 10 in the console is pretty easy.

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