How can I use this GoogleSpeak without an api Password?

First, a little bit of background:

I have two Google Nest Mini devices and I want to make them speak some TTS.

I found this python script for it:

But, it uses api password, which I found its deprecated.

Is there any similar thing I can use? Or how can this work with the new auth providers?

I’m also wondering if this script will behave like if the Google nests were “activated” like displaying the white LEDs while speaking. That’s really what I’m looking for in functionality. I don’t just want the devices to act as audio streamers…


If you want to use TTS in automation, can’t you use the HA integration? The repository you have mentioned here is tool old.
This may be an excellent place to start:
Look at Service say section. Maybe that’s all you need to call in the “tts.google_translate_say” service within HA.