How can is sleep my board (not deep sleep)

so on my esp32 board, i have it set to deep sleep. and i have a PIR motion sensor set on the pin to wake it up.
i have 2 issues with the deep sleep.

  1. any time my pir detects motion. the board “resets” so it’s like a reboot. even if the device is not sleeping… it still reboots/resets
  2. when it is sleeping, the pir motion sensor wakes the board up, but doesn’t send the ON for motion because it reboot it instead.

seems to me i’m missing something.
is there just a “sleep” command instead of doing a full board reset every time motion is detected?

Deep sleep resets the CPU as it is powered off during sleep. Light sleep resumes from the last CPU instruction before sleep. See ESP23 Sleep Modes.

ESPHome only supports deep sleep. Light sleep is not available.

You can ask for light sleep to be supported here: It should be a fairly simple addition.

Note that there will be increased power consumption in light sleep mode. About 800uA for light sleep and 10uA for deep sleep.


Thanks I have opened a request.
appreciate the info

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