How can you create your own banner?

I want to have a card with various entities including input_booleans that stretches across the top of my view, and immediately below that is where the rest of the cards would go. In essence, I want to replace the current “badges” section with something that allows something other than badges. How can this be done?

Well, there are a lot of ways you can achieve this. The ones that come to mind are Button Entity Row and Banner Card

You then can add that card to all your tabs and put it on the top using Layout Card in a vertical layout.
They work differently, so it’s up to you which fits your needs the best :slight_smile:

Btw: Share Your Projects is for showcasing your projects. I wouldn’t post questions like this here.

My bad… Thought I was putting it in lovelace.

So I used the sample below. However it doesn’t fill up the available width, which is what I want. It seems to use maybe 1/3 of the width.

type: custom:layout-card
layout: vertical
column_width: 100%
  - type: markdown
    content: "# Grid"
  - type: custom:layout-card
    layout: grid
    gridrows: 180px 200px auto
    gridcols: 180px auto 180px
      - type: glance
          - sun.sun
        gridrow: 1 / 2
        gridcol: 1 / 2
        style: "ha-card { height: 100%; }"
      - type: entities
        entities: &ents
          - light.bed_light
          - light.kitchen_lights
          - light.ceiling_lights
        gridrow: 1 / 3
        gridcol: 2 / 4
        style: "ha-card { height: 100%; }"
      - type: markdown
        content: test
        gridrow: 2 / 4
        gridcol: 1 / 2
        style: "ha-card { height: 100%; }"
      - type: entities
        entities: *ents
        gridrow: 3 / 4
        gridcol: 2 / 3