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How can you find the developers who work on a specific part of Home Assistant?


I’m trying to find out who the developers are that work on the iOS app. I have some suggestions but in general, it seems like the developers don’t participate much in this forum, let alone in the feature requests forum. I know they hang out in Discord, but names would be helpful.

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I monitor the forums frequently but only jump in if I want to reply directly to a bug or make an announcement. My presence on Discord is much more stream of consciousness though!

As for feature requests, I’m all ears, feel free to reply here or just go directly to opening issues on GitHub.

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This might be of use



One thing I couldn’t find about the iOS app is the differences between that and using the browser GUI. They look exactly the same. The notifications and tracking are a big difference, but I’m not sure what else is available. Is there a chart somewhere?



It’s exactly the same web UI you know and love. The secret sauce is the stuff in the background: notifications, location, Apple Watch, Today Widget, Siri Shortcuts.

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