How can you use input_text as a trigger for time or do you need to do this some other way?

I am trying to figure out how to trigger on an input time (HH:MM:SS). The example below does not work. I have searched the forum and the web and can’t seem to find any information that helps.

  platform: time
  at: input_text.cycle1

#input_text is configured as below:
  name: Cycle 1
  min: 8
  max: 8
  icon: hass:clock
  mode: text

Does this need to be a datetime? I would like to set the start times in the user interface and have my irrigation automation use these times. Also I would like to have the ability to set an offset to control the main valve to the irrigation system.

According to the documentation for a Time Trigger, it can accept an explicit time string, an input_datetime, or a sensor entity that has a timestamp device_class. What it doesn’t support is an input_text (amongst other things).

Any reason you can’t use an input_datetime, instead of an input_text, for your application?

If it has to be an input_text, you can use a Template Trigger to compare time strings.

Apologize for the delay in responding - I had a z-wave switch relay die.

It doesn’t have to be anything except what will work. I went with text for two reasons. One: it seemed that since everything is a string (by default in yaml) that was the best way to go. Two: I don’t know how to make a datetime entity entry be for any day and HH:MM:SS. So, in a nutshell, mostly ignorance on my part.

When you create the input_datetime, simply specify that it’s time-only (the other choices are date-only and time-and-date).

Got it working. Thanks for the direction.