How compile Hassos?

Hello, I have RPI 3 Computer module and i would like to plugg USB Wifi dongle with chip RT2870. Hassos does not support that chip. I would like to add support of that chip or i do not know how compile or rebuild Hassos. I try to use command “make all” or “make rpi3” etc. but nothing works.Could you help me ?

Have you found the GitHub?

Where did you attempt this command?

Hello,it was solved. I had to read documentation. There is all explained.

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how did you manage to let it work?

if I look at nmcli / dmesg the os can see the dongle but it seems like the firmware is missing:

# > dmesg
[10416.931545] ieee80211 phy1: rt2x00lib_request_firmware: Info - Loading firmware file 'rt2870.bin'
[10416.941912] rt2800usb 1-1.5:1.0: Direct firmware load for rt2870.bin failed with error -2
[10416.948415] ieee80211 phy1: rt2x00lib_request_firmware: Error - Failed to request Firmware
# > ifconfig wlan1 up
ifconfig: ioctl 0x8914 failed: No such file or directory