How could I go about hosting a server on my home assistant?

I need to set up a small basic server, and cannot outsource it.

I have Home Assistant Operating System,

1TB sd card.

thanks in advance.

Need more information, I think. What are you setting up on? When you say “you have” the HA operating system, what do you mean? Already installed?

here is my setup:

Rpi4 with 8gb ram and 1tb sd.

I use an ethernet connection instead of wifi.

my case is a custom-made one with peltier cooling aided by a fan.

I have the HA operating system already installed

What function is it that you need this server to perform?

1 TB SD-card!?
Have you seen that using an SD-card on a RPi is already a risk and now you want to use that card for storage from a server?

HAOS has a samba plugin: you could use that to create a network share but it was not intended for that goal.

I am prepared to face unreliability, I just used what I have around for testing purposes, I am gonna use a board with a m.2 SSD later

I was planning to host a minecraft server, just for small testing purposes

Meaning, it is supervised. This poses a problem when trying to install 3rd party software; it will be removed by supervisor, as it is not registered as allowed application.

PS: I know it is not a server (only info), but you know this addon?

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