How could I integrate Devolo Home Control Unit with Osram Lightify?

Hi all,

I wanted to have some smart heating and lights, so I bought a Devolo(z-wave) starting kit (2 radiator thermostats, 1 room thermostat and 1 gateway) and an Osram Lightify(zigbee) gateway plus some Osram bulbs.

I choose Osram instead of Hue because I liked more the switches, they look more like the normal wall ones (I live in Europe), and I hoped that this would make my family accept and use them easier. Unfortunately this didn’t happen as the switch is still not really like a regular dumb wall switch.

Looking for alternatives I saw that Devolo has a wall switch that really looks like a regular one, but I haven’t found a way of integrating the 2.

Looking at HA I see that the Lightify bulbs are discovered but there is no integration with Devolo gateway. On the other hand Devolo can integrate directly with Hue but not with Osram.

What could be the least complicated solution to this? Replacing the Osram with a Hue or buying another z-wave gateway that would integrate the switch and the Osram lights in HA? Anyone had any experience with this?

PS. I really would like a simple setup, and I am upset that I haven’t found any zwave smart lights or zigbee heating control(radiator+room) or any normal looking zigbee switches.

Sorry for the long post…