How could we get Netflix?

Alright so now I’m mad lol

Called Google Support because my Home app does not give me the option to add my Netflix account unless I buy the actual Google Home Assistant.

Has any one been able (and please give the instructions) as to how to setup Neflix on Hassio ?


What do you mean exactly?

I think he wants to cast netflix to his TV using only his voice and the Google Assistant addon for HA. It’s a feature built into Google Home - the app lets you connect your Netflix account to Google and then you can ask Google Home to play Ozark or whatever and it automagically starts playing on the TV.

If I’m reading his request right, the setting in the Google Home app only appears if you have a Google Home on your network - and the Google Assistant addon doesn’t qualify. So he can’t link his netflix account.

I have no answers for this problem, just helping clarify the question…

That is exact. As the guy from Google Support told me “Some functionalities work only on the actual Google Home” … But my algo teacher told me : “If someone makes it you can either recreate it or break it”

@hevolution I suppose you’d have to make your Pi appear as an actual Google Home on your network so that the app recognizes it as such and lets you manage it as such. There must be some critical difference between how Home registers itself on the network and how Google Assistant installs do.

Figuring that out is something that’s unrelated to HA, however - you’d have to look elsewhere for that info. I’m sure there are forums out there where people are working on it (xda?)