How device_tracker.see retain status when HA restart

I use device_tracker.see to set location for device tracker.
But the status will become not_home after HA restart.
Is there a way to retain the status?

This is question A.
For question B.
If I set a zone name eg. Company as location when using device_tracker.see.
Person status will become unknown.
Is this expected?

Thanks for help

A: Use a home assistant start event trigger as well as whatever you are triggering your tracker.see automation with.

B: :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the reply Tom.

I did use home assistant start event trigger to set tracker.see to home.
But the device status will still change to not_home then back to home during HA restart.

And I think the problem is not at trigger side. The problem is the action.
Even I use Dev tool, service, to set tracker.see still cannot retain the status.

Did you find a workaround for this @sasukebinbin ?

Also interested, would like to know.

I am also in need. I track the position of a car depending on who is driving it. Person x in the car, update cars position with position of person x. So if no one if driving when HA restarts there is no position to poll from. Also, its anoying that it switches to not_home even if someone was sitting in the car on the driveway by chance when HA did restart.