How did my iPhone show up as a device tracker?

This is probably a dumb question. But my iPhone recently showed up as a device tracker. I never added the iCloud integration. Is it because I installed the HA app on my phone? Nothing ever seems to update even when the app is open, so I’m not sure if that did it. Thoughts?

Thoughts? Ideas? Emotions?

Usually Installing the HA app on your Phone will add the device as a tracker. If you would like to have it always track you, just let the HA app run in the background.

Thanks @ZayneTech! I suspected that is what did it. However, I have tried leaving the app open and it never really seems to update the sensors.

I think there may be some settings you can change in configuration.yaml to adjust the polling time.

And now my iPad is showing up as well. I have zero interest in tracking my devices and don’t want it cluttering up HA. I can’t find any way to disable device_tracker. Does anyone know how to turn this off?