How display measurement result on UI nicely

I get work my distance measurement with Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04 and ESP module with ESP Easy on It. Information coming to HA with MQTT - this side of system, everything is working. That’s all for measure the amount of granule in the container.
When install the sensor let’s say the measurement result 90 is full and result 140 means that container is empty.
How I can display the information nicely to my UI something like in this example ?! or any another example with a tutorial will be nice.

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i am interested as well please keep alive this topic till got answer.
waiting for some expert …for answer

Other than using Grafana I think you would have to write custom component to do this kind of thing.

unfortunately I do not have any updates

I use matplotlib together with AppDaemon to save plots in PNG format to be loaded in the frontend using the camera local file component.
So far I had only created time series plots so I accepted the challenge to build one to easily visualize the state of a container (similar to the one on the bottom left corner that you posted). This is the result (since I’m not monitoring a container, I’m plotting the humidity from a sensor):

And this is the app that I code in AppDaemon:

import matplotlib
import appdaemon.appapi as appapi
from matplotlib.patches import Wedge, Polygon
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
from datetime import datetime

class PlotWeather(appapi.AppDaemon):

  def initialize(self):
    self.log("Hello from plot_weather-app")
    start_time =
    # Plot every 12 hours
    self.run_every(self.make_plot, start_time, 12 * 60 * 60)

  def make_plot(self, kwargs):
    value = float(self.get_state("sensor.dark_sky_humidity"))
    mini, maxi = 0, 100 # update this with your range
    # min can be higher than max: mini, maxi = 140, 89.99
    vn = -1 + (value - mini) * 2 / (maxi - mini) # normalize value between -1 and 1
    theta = np.arcsin(vn) * 180 / np.pi
    color_water = [0,1,0,0.5] # [R,G,B,alpha] between 0 and 1
    color_text = [0,0.4,0,0.9]
    wedge = Wedge((0, 0), 1, 180-theta, theta,fc=color_water,lw=0) # this is a piece of pie (we'll add/substract a triangle later)
    fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(5,5))
    if vn > 0:
      color_tri = color_water # the value is higher than 50%, we'll add a triangle with the same color
      color_tri = [1,1,1,1] # the value is lower than 50%, we have to hide (with white) a triangle shape of the piece of pie
    polygon = Polygon(([[0, 0],[np.cos(np.arcsin(vn)), vn],[-np.cos(np.arcsin(vn)), vn]]), closed= True,fc=color_tri,lw=0) # the triangle
    valueperc = str(int((value - mini) * 100 / (maxi - mini)))+'%' # the text to display
    ax.text(0, 0, valueperc, ha='center', va='center', fontsize=80, color=color_text)
    border = Wedge((0, 0), 1.14, 0, 360,width=0.1,fc=[0,0,0,0.5],lw=0) # the gray border
    ax.axis('off') # removing the axis
    fig.savefig('/mnt/mydisk/weather.png') # saving the figure. update the path

Maybe a lot of hassle to just show very little information but, hey! we are here for the fun :grinning:
I have to say that I haven’t tried Grafana so hopefully it is a lot easier to go that way.

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Can you share how you did this (Espeasy etc), I’m looking the very same solution for my Pellet Burner hopper.


Yes for that I used EasyESP Firmware Upload there is step by step how upload the firmware - If some question I try to help find solution. I have to say that I’m MAC user very long time but to that more easily I uploaded the firmware with windows machine - and that’s with that very easy.
after upload you must connect to device ( I used NodeMCU) and there already You can pick Ultrasonic Sensor


Does the HC-SR04 not require 5v to work properly?


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Yes like I found from spets, but I use the USB connector to power the NodeMCU and In my case I can get 5V from “VU” USB Power output Nodes hase different PINS but I think from every node you can get somevhere from PIN 5V
Some Node has VIN Pin for that

Hey Marvex,

I got sorted, sourced a HC-SR04P which is rated 3 - 5v which eliminates resistors or logic level convertors.