How do I access the deCONZ API now?

Hi there,

I used to use http://ha.server.ip:40850/api to access the deCONZ API using Postman but now I’m getting Error: connect ECONNREFUSED hap.server.ip:40850 (after using “Authenticate app” in deCONZ interface).

Anyone access it recently (under 2022.3.8) that can point me in the right direction? is displaying the port above but the Docker IP address which of course I can’t access.


Have tried 38 different methods and poked around the forums for hours without joy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I’m trying to debug a Centralite Thermostat on the deCONZ forums but they want data from the API which I can’t currently access.

Solved it. You use SSH & Web Terminal as we need to connect to the Docker container running deCONZ.

For those wanting to copy and paste in Terminal, here are the tips:

COPY: Hold down shift while highlighting text
PASTE: Shift + Insert (or on a Lenovo keypad, Shift + Fn + End)