How do I add a TubesZB Zigbee Router/Repeater to HA?

I bought this ZigBee repeater: Zigbee Router/Repeater – TubesZB. I have a SkyConnect connected to my HA host whose range I want to extend using this repeater.

It’s a bit unclear to me how to integrate it into the system and how to verify that it’s doing its thing.

I connected it to a power supply and the LED lights up. I then went to

HA > Settings > Devices And Services > SkyConnect Multi-PAN > Configure > Add Device

and there I get the “Searching for Zigbee devices…” screen. Is the repeater supposed to show up there? It never does.

Or am I misunderstanding and I have to add it elsewhere?

Assuming works like koenkk’s standard router firmware, the device should go into pairing mode when power is applied, but for a relatively short time.

Try placing ZHA into pairing mode first, then apply power to the device.

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