How do I add multiple users for pushover alerts?

I’m wanting to allow me and someone else to get alerts via pushover. I am able to setup it up for me and it’s working, but I’m wondering how to get a second user to work?


I believe I have figured it out. You must create a subscription (group) via Pushover then share the link with other Pushover users for them to be subscribed. This however doesn’t solve for when I want to only push a certain notification to myself rather than everyone.


I have the same question:

I createad an Pushover Account with multiple groups. So I have the API-Key + multiple User-Keys. But it seems this is not working within HomeAssistant?

What I want to have: Different Pushover-Destinations. Some messages should only go to me, some to me and my wife and some to all in the house.


You can use one Pushover Account (user_key) and one API key on all devices.
And send notification to the required device or group.

# notify.yaml
- name: pushover
  platform: pushover
  api_key: !secret pushover_api
  user_key: !secret pushover_user_key
# automation.yaml
    - service: notify.pushover
        title: "Title"
        message: "Message"
#         device: Phone_1
          device: Phone_1,Phone_2,Phone_3
          sound: gamelan
          priority: 0

Did you ever get this worked out? I have the same problem and have been creating pushover accounts for each person, but can’t get them to be separately contacted.

  device: Phone_1

This works for me! Thanks