How do I add volume and input sources option to the Media Player card which controls my LG TV?

Hi there!

I have an LG CX tv which I has been added to my Home Assistant, and it asked if I should add the card to the dashboard which I said yes to, and it now looks like this:


The problem is - all of these controls featured on the card are useless to me - I have never once needed any of these “VCR” buttons because it’s a TV!

What I need is volume, and the media sources option! So I can change inputs without needing my remote control

And I can do so, but in an annoying way. If I click the three dots on the card, it then pops this up:


The volume controls! And the inputs!

And they work!

So how do I ditch the VCR buttons on the card and change them to just volume and inputs instead?

I’ve clicked around and can’t figure it out, this is all very confusing

Thanks very much for any help!

I believe the mini-media card supports that. I just looked at my LG TV card and the volume buttons are operational while the tv is on. Of course I can’t see or hear the tv right now, but I’m pretty sure they work as advertised.

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Hmm, I don’t see any such thing available

Just these, I will try googling that, thanks for replying!

Hmm, whatever I found for Mini Media on GitHub says it’s been over 2 years without an update, and in the main thread the author doesn’t look to still be around, is that the right one?

GitHub - kalkih/mini-media-player: Minimalistic media card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI

Mini-Media-Player works well and is highly customizable. I’ve use it to control my LG TVs.

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It is the one I use, but it was last updated about 3 months ago, so I do not know where you get that 3 years from.