How do I automate my shutter control buttons? (pictures inside)

Just moved into a new apartment and it has electronic shutters installed.

So obviously the first thing that popped into my head was “I must integrate this with HA”.

However… as far as I know, the buttons that control the shutters can’t be replaced with something like Sonoff. I attached a couple of photos, looking for ideas on the easiest way to make this happen.

Do you have remotes for them too? If so an easy way would be to run something like a sonoff-rf bridge and teach it the commands.

If not, I would be looking at what those 3 pins do in photo 2. They are probably connected to the actually push button part.

  1. Get a multi tester and poke the probes into the holes where those pins slot in picture 1. Be careful. See if there is voltage on those pins.

  2. Test the connectivity between the three pins in pic 2.

  3. If there is no voltage on the holes in pic 1, and if the pins in pic 2 are simply being switched, you can probably use a esp8266 or similar to do the switching.