How do I backup and restore my HA?

Are there instructions how to do this? I want to move it to the similar device with more disk space.

If you’re using hassio, just make a snapshot, copy it out somewhere, and restore it after installing on new device.

If you’re using any other method, just copy your config directory to your new install…

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Thank you for your reply. I see how to download existing snapshot, but how do I upload it back to hassio? I do not see this option under snapshots.

I believe you install the new hassio, get samba going, and then drop the snapshot in the correct directory.

They really should implement a “first run” setup wizard that includes the snapshot restore capabilities, but I don’t use hassio so I can’t say much on that aspect.

and after that click the refresh icon to reload the snapshots into the system… then you can restore


Got it, thank you all.

I had trouble trying to restore a backup, I did not realize the refresh button had to be tapped, I figured rebooting the system would automatically check for backups. Apparently not…

By rebooting do you mean restarting HA? I think it’s the supervisor that would need to be restarted, not HA. (BTW you should NEVER reboot the host unless you can’t access HA at all)

Configuration - Server Controls - Server Management - Restart

I did that after installing SAMBA and copying backup to the /backup/ folder. Was not present. But the refresh button in the snapshot page did allow it to show up.

Yeah ok… so that is a standard restart HA which is what you should do. So unless the supervisor restarts, you need to refresh for it to show snapshots.